Monday, December 13, 2010


I want to be like him. He was a rock and I want to be a rock. Someone who stands firm through out whatever happens.

This past month I have thought about this verse in Matthew and started to make it my life. I want to be someone that isn’t effected by what happens, even if it should destroy others.

Little things through out a day can upset anyone to an extent but it’s how far you let it go that tells you who you are. I am letting every little effect me now. I’m not shutting off the world, just knowing I can set the limit to what I can handle. Well now I have no limit, God will help me through anything that ever crosses my path so I have no fears or worries anymore.

I did used to worry a lot and just about every little thing too. Now I see is as a way to grow more in life and mature to the man I have dreamt of being. And I see that change happening, hopefully others have or will see this too.

I’m ready to take on whatever comes next, today and tomorrow. Because of this life change and thoughts, every day has been the best day of my life and that means my life will just keep getting better every day. It makes me excited to get in bed and wonder what God and the world has in store for me and how I get to handle the next adventure of my day and life.

Bring it on!

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