Sunday, April 10, 2011

iPhone water damage and replacement

I was at the gym finishing up and getting ready to shower. Normally I leave my phone on top of my bag but it must have fell down into the bag. By the time I got out of the shower my water bottle had spilled almost all of the water in the bag. Didn't even notice till I was almost dressed. Haha my phone was acting weird by saying the device isn't supported but I figured it fell causing it to do that. The it kept doing it so I picked it up and the bottom was drenched. I dried it off as much I could but knew that more would need to be done. I put it in a bag of rice all night long and in the morning it worked fine for a good two hours till it kept resetting and wanting to be connected to iTunes.

I ran around town trying to get it repaired and almost bought a new one without contract. (I wouldn't have been in such a rush for a new phone if i wasn't leave to vegas) then an Att dude said to get my butt over to apple. I have no clue why I didn't go the first, dee duh dee! That should have been my first choice to go to. Anyways I went there to get an appointment with a genius. He asked to open it up and look at it to see how bad the damage was. Once he did we found out it was just the 30 pin connector on the bottom and would be cheap to replace. Cause of that he swapped out my phone for another one on the one year warranty it comes with.

I totally couldn't believe it! I figured I would end up paying $700 for a new phone or pay the difference in damage for another one. Once again, just another reason and good experience with another apple product.