Saturday, December 11, 2010

Getting back to hobbies

I have been taking care of things and getting goals done that I have set and wanted to do for a long time, but there is nothing like sitting down to draw again like old times. I have done a lot of digital art work on my iPad, but to sit at a desk with paper and a pencil is all too relaxing to ignore.

The hardest part of drawing on paper is that i need a flat surface at a desk or one of those lap drawing boards. Still this can be even harder when my drawings are bigger then 11x9's. Because I don't have a lot of room to draw I have been working on my smaller drawings I have started and never finished. Here is a pic of one from my phone camera.

Its still a WIP, though I think I might be near to finishing it. I need to take a break from it so I have fresh eyes on it again, before I make a final decision if I want to call it done.

This rose has been very fun to work on. It is a big challenge for the reason that it need to look white and still have shading all around on it; otherwise it will look blown out on exposure. I must be picky on it. >.> haha If I were to ever draw another rose it would need to be any color, but white. …. .. .. wait.. it might have been red when it was turned to B&W. Ok well a darker color anyways.

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