Friday, October 28, 2011

Movin' & Groovin'

I have been working on a lot of photos since I got my camera and kinda dropped off blogging a twittering. haha I've done a few more model shoots and other client shoots since receiving my camera and also started a business with my best friend. You can see some of the shoots I have done and posted on my redbubble account or Facebook page. Slowly making payments on the camera as there was no way for me to get it this year if I made a full out purchase. I will have it payed for by January, really looking forward to that.

Summer has ended way too fast for me, but I made a few more friends and really been chilling with people more then I have since before college started. Starting to plan out fall and winter along with wondering what all will happen. Recently start going to The Pursuit church here in Boise. Extremely stoked to be there! You should come check it out! 8D Yep yep! haha

Monday, September 26, 2011

New camera

Since the last post I have received my camera and been using it more then I thought I would be and much more yo come. I got it right before my family trip so I could learn it in the almost two weeks vacation. That turned out great for getting use to it and what it does along with reading a very informative book for photography. At this point I have had multiple shoots this month and a few planned for next month. Rather thankful for that as it is paying for itself at the rate it's earning me money.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The starting

I have been looking around at getting my new camera, but haven't had much luck with it. I have been really thinking about getting a business started with this new camera and people have told me I should start my own for some time now. I have been talking to God about it and feel I have been putting this off and it's what I should be doing. I haven't been able to get this camera through other 'short' cuts, so I finally asked God to show me what needs to be done. I took another route and felt safe about it, I asked and prayed that if He wants me to move this direction that it will work out. Everything since asking for His leadership has gone smoothly and way too easy. Funny how things work out when we hand it over for Him to drive. So the first big step has been taken and the next step will be soon after and later I this month. I praise Him for that and will try my hardest to keep Him at the center of all this where I should keep Him.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


So I have been really into taking and edit photos for the fun of it and also for people's/my portfolio. Well I decided to sell that camera to help fun a new one as it was high time I moved up with all I was doing and want to do. I sold it through ebay, but was cheated out on it from a fake paypal. I have submitted the info I have of the guy and hoping something can be done, but I am not expecting much. Now I have to really crack down and spend very little money from the next 1.5 months to hopefully have enough to buy it or pay most of it and then owe a few to my savings.

There are a few reasons I want this so fast. I am no longer taking photos for a regular shoot I normally do, I am loosing money from a few shoots I had lined up, and I just really want it. HAHA

I could probably get it fast then that, but if I take the long way around I can save $110. I think this is worth it as I can get some essential accessories with that amount. Two main ones that I almost/can't live without. So! With the patience I normally have with everything else, I will be trying my best to hold still and wait. When it come to new technology I want to get… I don't have much of that. XP

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pointless post

I find Sundays so boring. If it weren't for church that I look forward to every week I could really care less about it. I like fridays after work, saturdays… then just don't care. haha Its nice to have two days in a row off though!

Aaaaaanyyyyy ways… just chilling at home with my dad watching movies all day. One of the movies I haven't seen since I was 6 or something, definitely a flash back for sure. Working on photos while doing that too cause I need to get as many as I can possible before tomorrow…. which means… I am not doing it right now.. haha

Monday, May 30, 2011


I find it intersting that after over a week of trying to get good sleep I stay up late and feel great the next day.    A little exhuasted energy wise, but didn't feel sleepy. After that the last two days I am back to not sleeping good; I do get sleepy and fall asleep fast, but I am waking up consistantly through the night. Seems to be killing the deep sleep so it makes sense. I take melitonen for it sometimes, but I don't want to use it more then once a week as it doesn't work/so I have to always use it. Not really sure what to do now, but oh well. Heyyyyy maybe I will stay up really late a few times so I crash hard for a while! lol Prolly won't work that well....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Music composing

My music focus came to a large stop with most of this year just getting in the way. I have been focusing only on gym, design works, and family/friends. Also a problem with not being able to record in silence has been an issue. I normal recorded on Wednesdays, but I have filled that evening up with another thing that I really enjoy doing. So about every other week (if I remember) I record and have some fun with it. Now that I am taking ukulele lessons, it seems I can really keep up with how fast I originally wanted to move on this project. Once I finish up the uk lessons, depending on how I feel about playing, I will probably go back to voice lessons as my voice is still a mess. haha A lot better then before though. I do have a choice to go onto advanced lessons in the ukulele so I will have to make a well thought out decision when the time comes.

More info about the process. I was helped with making my first two songs music written after I had lyrics already down. I knew what I wanted, but couldn't get it. Hopefully the uk lessons will help with this, but until then I have a total of two songs ready for me to record. After that I have 3 finished and I just need to put music to it. I hope to have time to play more tonight before everyone gets home.