Friday, October 28, 2011

Movin' & Groovin'

I have been working on a lot of photos since I got my camera and kinda dropped off blogging a twittering. haha I've done a few more model shoots and other client shoots since receiving my camera and also started a business with my best friend. You can see some of the shoots I have done and posted on my redbubble account or Facebook page. Slowly making payments on the camera as there was no way for me to get it this year if I made a full out purchase. I will have it payed for by January, really looking forward to that.

Summer has ended way too fast for me, but I made a few more friends and really been chilling with people more then I have since before college started. Starting to plan out fall and winter along with wondering what all will happen. Recently start going to The Pursuit church here in Boise. Extremely stoked to be there! You should come check it out! 8D Yep yep! haha