Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hmm so the passing thought went through my head when I was at a movie that I should try for the olympics. I talked to my former coach to see if I could still get in at the age I would be in 2016. He said it would be possible if I had the desire, talent, and money.

I definitely have the desire to do this! I had the talent when I was in gymnastics, even though I really wasn't focused on just that while there cause goofing off was way better. I think if I put all my effort and power into it I will be able to. Money is one of the problems here as it can get up to $1000 - $3000 a month when getting closer to the deadline of performance.

So there are a few concerns that I need to take into account about all this. The first and greatest thing is, what does God want me to do? Just because I really want to do it doesn't mean I need to go all out and do it. At this point in my life I want to go all out on everything and try it all, because I only have one life to live. The next thing is money, now God will provide if He wants me to do this so I won't let this be a deciding factor in itself. The last thing is I would loose close to 6 years of my social life. I know for a fact I would not be staying in Idaho for training, but I don't plan on doing that anyways, cause I would like to leave to where there are palm trees. haha Its more about I would be so busy with training that I would probably have little to no time to even call my own parents or family. They are no going to hold me back though, if I have a dream, no one nor nothing will stop me from that.

These are just a few things I need to consider, but I think I am still going to look into it anyways.

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