Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You did not just send that...

This is a real conversation with my boss through texting, talking to him is the same way. I know it is mean, but the best part of conversations like these are when I get to prove him wrong the next second or even better, the next day when I come in. :) And now your feature presentation…

Where is power supply for flatfold samsung monitor in conf room?

Me:Last time I saw it it was plugged into the monitor in the conference room

Boss:Nope. Pls hook up xd300 in the am. Must be in boxes from phx first

Me:No it's there. I pulled the ivga from that tc to put on the website last week.

Boss:Must be invisible

So ya… I just wowed… I wanted to freak out on him right there, but the pleasure will be in the morning when I can point out the power supply. :] I know that might sound mean, but when he knows I am right in things like this why does he taunt me? He knows I have no dumb reason to lie to him about it.

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