Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I took a trip down to Phoenix for work to attend a Pastors conference. That city is the bomb! If it had an ocean it would totally be home for me. I took some video while down there and plan to edit it together and post it sometime soon… maybe. haha There were so many small things and big things that made it so great. The main thing was that its a large city; I love them and I want to live in one some day. Large buildings are great to look at when far away from them and while driving down roads between them. There is such a cool feeling. Another thing I liked is how they run roads next to the freeway so you don't have to get off an exit early and hit the side roads. You just get off at one of the many ramps along the way and do down the road till you come the the road you need. I had thought that that would be cool, but never seen it being used till last week.

The best part about being down there was getting a job interview. Ya… I was down there for a job and got a job interview. lol I went into the interview and the only thing they did was sit me down in front of a mac pro and a wacom cintiq 21ux to draw two people playing on a beach. I had to do this in photoshop and painter 10. So one drawing in each of the apps fresh from white background. I knocked that out in 40 minutes which was surprising to me since that same thing would take me hours on end to complete. They really freaked out at what I did which didn't make sense to me cause I didn't think it was that great, but whatever. They said I was hired if I wanted the job, then started showing me around the place and past projects they had worked on.

This is when that crap started happening. He started showing me erotic stuff and that this is where they wanted my 'expertise' at the office. I wasn't going to have any part of that in my life so straight up I told him I would not be doing this work for him and not involved in any way. I asked if there was a way I could focus on everything else they wanted done. He was set on wanting me to do that work for him; he started fighting for me. haha The original pay was going to be $36 an hour, he upped it a few times until he stopped at $42 an hour and said that was he last offer. I turned it down and thanked him for his time. I did want to work there since that would be such a relaxing job to do, but now that I have really thought about it... I don't think I would take the job if I was asked to work on other parts of the company. Either way I don't want to support someone that does work like that and for me to work in a different branch would still support them. I'm glad I didn't take it.

Seems an out of state job is not what I am going to get currently and thinking maybe I should focus on the Boise market for options again.


  1. Good call, David. Living by your convictions will get you to the right place eventually. Nicely done.