Saturday, July 23, 2011


So I have been really into taking and edit photos for the fun of it and also for people's/my portfolio. Well I decided to sell that camera to help fun a new one as it was high time I moved up with all I was doing and want to do. I sold it through ebay, but was cheated out on it from a fake paypal. I have submitted the info I have of the guy and hoping something can be done, but I am not expecting much. Now I have to really crack down and spend very little money from the next 1.5 months to hopefully have enough to buy it or pay most of it and then owe a few to my savings.

There are a few reasons I want this so fast. I am no longer taking photos for a regular shoot I normally do, I am loosing money from a few shoots I had lined up, and I just really want it. HAHA

I could probably get it fast then that, but if I take the long way around I can save $110. I think this is worth it as I can get some essential accessories with that amount. Two main ones that I almost/can't live without. So! With the patience I normally have with everything else, I will be trying my best to hold still and wait. When it come to new technology I want to get… I don't have much of that. XP

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