Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Music composing

My music focus came to a large stop with most of this year just getting in the way. I have been focusing only on gym, design works, and family/friends. Also a problem with not being able to record in silence has been an issue. I normal recorded on Wednesdays, but I have filled that evening up with another thing that I really enjoy doing. So about every other week (if I remember) I record and have some fun with it. Now that I am taking ukulele lessons, it seems I can really keep up with how fast I originally wanted to move on this project. Once I finish up the uk lessons, depending on how I feel about playing, I will probably go back to voice lessons as my voice is still a mess. haha A lot better then before though. I do have a choice to go onto advanced lessons in the ukulele so I will have to make a well thought out decision when the time comes.

More info about the process. I was helped with making my first two songs music written after I had lyrics already down. I knew what I wanted, but couldn't get it. Hopefully the uk lessons will help with this, but until then I have a total of two songs ready for me to record. After that I have 3 finished and I just need to put music to it. I hope to have time to play more tonight before everyone gets home.

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